Stop wasting time with cancelled reservations.

Tesoro automatically confirms reservations with your customers so you can release tables earlier and serve more customers.

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How it works:
1 A customer makes a reservation at your restaurant
2Tesoro automatically confirms or cancels the reservation
3You receive early notifications of released tables, so you can seat other customers faster
Reserve a table at Café du Jour:
John Gray
26th April 2019, 7pm
4 people
Hi John, we're looking forward to welcoming you to Café du Jour at 7pm today. If you can no longer make it tonight just reply "cancel" to this message and we'll automatically release your table.
Please cancel this reservation.
No problem, we've released your table. We hope to welcome you at Café du Jour soon.
Tonight at Café du Jour:
Lisa Brown
2 people
John Gray
4 people
Joseph Green
1 person
Pending Confirm

A new customer reserves a table at your restaurant. You can either have the customer register their reservation directly in Tesoro, or have this managed onsite by your own staff.

Tesoro automatically sends a text message to the customer 1 hour before the reservation, offering the opportunity for the customer to confirm, or cancel the reservation.

Automatically be updated in Tesoro when the customer cancels the reservation.